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Education Minister M Nuh with Roy Affairs Council attended the opening of the General Assembly ( General Assembly )

Scouts in Kupang, NTT. Scout National Conference event will be held from 3 to 5 December 2013.

Minister of Education and Minister of Sports was present in the ballroom of the Grand Mutiara Hotel on Tuesday (

03/12/2013 ) at 09:15 pm. The two ministers customarily greeted by some traditional leaders in front of the hotel.

Upon entering the hotel ballroom, two ministers representing the President was greeted by singing a song Manolo Banda

. Events National Conference Scouting this time themed ‘ Strengthening Education Leaders Scouting For Generating

Character Nation ‘.

5 The annual event was attended by hundreds of the scout movement munas participants from all over Indonesia. NTT

Governor Frans Lebu Raya is also Chairman of the Scout Movement Mabida said he was happy because Kupang NTT chosen as

the host.